Tax Expertise

Enrolled Agents are tax experts who must pass a three-part examination to demonstrate their tax knowledge and complete a minimum of 72 hours continuing education every three years. At Tabletop Taxes, this knowledge will be put to use making sure your situation is scrutinized and prepared for your best outcome possible. We use our expertise to work for your benefit!

Flexible Appointments

Tabletop Taxes offers a variety of ways to communicate and meet to discuss preparing your taxes this year. Let us know how you prefer to communicate and we can make it happen once we decide to work together. Appointments can be carried out virtually, by phone, or email as well. If you prefer, we can also setup an in-person appointment to gather your documents and discuss some options for this tax season.

Paperless Document Submittal

and E-Filing

Once we decide to work together this season, the first thing we’ll need to do is get your documentation to us for review. The best way for both of us in terms of ease of access and security is to utilize our customer portal to submit your relevant information. If you prefer an alternative, we can utilize many other options available such as secure email transmission or password protected documents. Of course there’s always the “old fashioned” way and hard copies are always accepted.

In terms of actually filing your return, we will handle everything electronically. This gets your information to the IRS as quickly as possible for processing.

Services start at $100 for simple (W2, 1099) individual returns and $375 for small businesses, and vary based on the complexity of the return. Some preparations and reviews simply take longer. However, we will do what we can to give you the best rate for your return.

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